Helensville Subdivision

A subdivision project consisting of 9 lots.

The works included substantial retaining walls, approximately 1500m2 of concrete road and accessways, kerb and channel, earthworks and drainage.


Completion Objectives:

  1. Time: Project Completed on time, and assistance was given in terms of design solutions to contours and levels due to Arborist requirements. Definitive completion date was required, to enable sections to be marketed at the ideal time.
  2. Budget: The works were completed within agreed budget levels.
  3. Performance levels: All performance criteria were met on the project. The client was very happy with our performance levels, and ability to resource up as required to meet target completion dates. All QA criteria were met.
  4. Health & Safety and Environmental: The project was completed with no LTI’s or First aid injuries. Environmental protection was paramount to the successful outcome of the project, there were no significant issue raised during the entire duration of the projects works.
  5. Responsive to Client’s Needs: Various changes to design were required of which we participated in the design solutions.