The first of our new waterfront streetscapes at Catalina Bay in Hobsonville Point are open to the public. A beautiful place to work, with the crew reporting a few sightings now of whale pods.
ACL is currently constructing a new Palmers out at the Westgate Mall. This will be largest Palmers in the country.
ACL has been undertaking drainage, earthworks, concrete works, roaring and landscaping on the current expansion of the Rosedale WWTP in Albany
ACL has recently completed some specialist decorative concrete works, hard scaping, installation of organic lock permeable garden paving and decorative stencil sand blasting at the America's Cup AC36 Silo Park Village .
Asset construction have completed Park West with Hawkins. The project boasts several complex disciplines.
ACL have completed the external hard and soft landscaping for NZ Strong. Really Proud of the stunning finishes and generally just a great project to be involved in. A well designed open space. Thanks to all involved!